The kit of course the kit is the RCTHA re-issue from the 70's and is essentially the same as the Willie Borsch Winged Express with a Bantam body and a slight variation of the chassis. I made a few modifications.

First, I replaced the kits tired old Goodyear drag slicks with a set from the Re-issue of the Ramchargers front engine dragster. The Racemasters did require the kits wheel backs to be narrowed to fit in the tires, but the Racemasters fit the wheel well openings much better than the kit tires. The kit's front wheels, the American 12 spokes, just didn't look right to me, so I replaced them with a set of Halibrands from a Polar Lights Funny Car kit.

The kits motor has a couple of engine options, although it really is just a mater of different valve covers and injector set ups. I chose the older 392 Dodge Hemi with the 4 port Injectors. ( Mostly because I liked the way they looked and they seemed to be a bit easier to run fuel lines to.) I ran fuel supply lines and added plug wires to detail the engine. I painted the headers flat red and drilled the ends out. The inspiration came from Leland Kolb's FE dragster on the cover of Bob McClurg's book'" Diggers, Funnies, Gassers and Altereds"

The chassis is pretty much right out of the box, but I left the kits wheelie bars off and added a push bar from styrene rod. I moved the drag chute from the back of the roll bar and mounted it on to the spare tire cove of the body.

The body is Duplicolor Gold and White with a clear coat. I removed the radiator from the grille section with the back side of a #11 X-Acto blade. I left the kit supplied wing off  but left the mounting points on the roll bar just in case I changed my mind.
  The decals are from the kit and the contingency decals are from a Slixx set. I love this kit. It went together with very little problems and with a few modifications can be used to build several different versions of Fuel Altereds.

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