Jerry Glenzinski ~ In A Far Out Galaxie

DJWay3474 ~ Woody Altered

Gerry Gaetz ~ McHauler

Dean Groves ~ Screem Roller

Boban Arsic ~ Red Devil

Jerry Glenzinski ~ Blue D'Ice

Mike Denham ~ Aladdin C Cab

Jerry Glenzinski ~ Jack's Rod

Ira Dahm ~ Time Bandit

BiLL ~ The Smoke House

Brandon Flannery ~ Double Dog

Boban Arsic ~ Surfite

Dan Barten ~ Night Rider

Mike Turk ~ Dutch Treat

Dan Barten ~ Endsville

SixWheeler {Rick} ~ Lofty Loader

OldSkewlJay ~ I Scream

Chuck Darnell ~ Levacar

Tim Nolan ~ Double Agent

Donsrod1 ~ Grave Digger

Don Carlson ~ Paddy Wagon

Christopher Canada ~ Deora

BellyOfTheWhale ~ Gangsta Limo

DJWay3474 ~ Alky Hauler

gwangiboy ~ Hard Hat Hauler

Jerry Glenzinski ~ SoBad NoMad

Charles May ~ Pie Ala C A R T

BellyOfTheWhale ~ Wedding Limo

Mike Denham ~ Bone Daddy

Bert Wallace ~ Gridiron Grabber

Andrew Bradley ~ Bully

Rob Riley ~  L'il Red

Tory Mucaro ~ T'rantula

Dave Mikrut ~ Elka Meano

Shay Fonseca ~ Badman

Boban Arsic ~ Mailbox Trike

November 2008

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Welcome to the 1st annual Elden Titus Cobweb Classic. Elden's story is that of young model builder who found a way to turn his passion into a life long trip building customs and hot rods. Something most of us can only dream of.

We lost Elden in 2008 to cancer. And this is our way of paying homage to this remarkable man's talent. 

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