Cheap Tubs

I wanted to build an early pro stock model based on the 1970 Dodge Challenger. My kit was the 1970 AMT/Ertl Challenger R/T. This is a current kit, which is a slightly modified version of the AMT/Lesney kit from the early 80’s Yankee Challenge kit.  In 1970, Pro Stock had just been introduced by the NHRA, and early Pro Stocks were required to use stock based frames.

cheaptub6.jpg (11490 bytes)         cheaptub8.jpg (12243 bytes)    

One snag was the rear wheel wells. They were too narrow for my liking, as I wanted to put a good looking set of American Satco fat slicks in the back. I marked off the area to be removed and used the backside of a # 11 Xacto blade to remove the narrow wheel wells.

cheaptub1.jpg (14108 bytes)         cheaptub2.jpg (13783 bytes)

Once removed, I made a straight cut through the well, and placed evergreen strip to properly space the two halves the same width as the area between the edge of the frame, and the well. Then removed that same area, essentially leaving the correct width well, but all "tub".

cheaptub4.jpg (9983 bytes)         cheaptub5.jpg (11444 bytes)

A little extra sheet stock was needed as the tub sits a tad higher on the frame. But, the American Satco’s fit  just fine now.

cheaptub9.jpg (13561 bytes)         cheaptub7.jpg (10008 bytes)

Gonna need to do a bit of interior work..

cheaptub3.jpg (10586 bytes)


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