Dry Brushing by Fred Mellini

OK several have requested a little demo on how to dry-brush. I am going to show you how to, in this case, dry-brush paint a side curtain on the Polar Lights Dracula's Dragster. This is very simple and only took about 10 minutes to do. the same technique would apply to anything you dry-brush. works really well on seats on vehicles instead of a just one color paint job, gives it more depth

Here are the items you need. Just cheap 48 cent wal-mart craft paint. Must be flat, no gloss colors. Paint brushes can also come the craft dept. Just don't spend big bucks because you will ruin them, great for dry-brushing but nothing else. They need to be soft/fluffy...not those awful testors plastic brushes that you get with their paint sets

Always start with a flat black item. I use 99 cent wal mart flat black.

Start with the dark purple out of the tube and put some on the paper plate and then just dap your brush into the paint and then work it back and forth across the paper plate until just alittle remains. .

Now lightly brush back and forth across the curtain hitting only the high spots leaving the black showing in the recesses. 

Remember you can always add more color, so if it is to light just add some more

Now go to the lighter shade of purple out of the tube and repeat above mention steps using the lighter purple.

Now add some white to the lighter purple that is on your plate, when happy with the lighter shade, repeat above steps and apply the same way only with lighter strokes/less paint

Finally finish with a very whitish purple or just plain white, but very very very lightly just hit the high spots............and you are done!!!

This piece is just to show even with a single color (silver) over a flat black base gives a nice finish instead of just painting everything silver (no black shadowing) kinda gives alittle more depth.



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