Seamless T'rantula Roof

One of the problems with the Monogram T'rantula is the assembly of the roof onto the body. No matter what, one ends up with an annoying seam following the directions of inserting the seat (23) into the body (26), and then the roof (34).

To overcome this, allowing me to epoxy the roof on and mold it in seamless, I modified the seat to slide in after the body was assembled. First to go is the pin on the back of the seat.

Then I cut the seat where the "upholstery" meets the floor.

Next, with the now cut seat in the body, I measured the gap between the floor and seat by making a pencil mark on plastic rod, and cut two extensions from the rod, and glued them to the cut off piece.

After the rods (about 1/4 inch long) dried, I put the floor piece into the body and glued.

As the glue was setting up, I replaced the seat back into the body and pushed the floorboard into place with my xacto knife through the firewall.

After gluing the roof to the body permanently, the seat slid in like so:

The pin that was on the seat back was removed as the epoxy on the body inside drooled down to the point it met the body, and was a bit of overkill anyway. Also, I sanded the sides of the seat, so it would fit comfortably in the body before I attached the roof.

That's it!


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pbcanney Tuesday, November 18, 2008 23:28