Look back into any car magazine in the late 60's ~ early 70's and it's almost guaranteed you'll see a picture of the Blue Max Mustang funny car. 

That's because even though never part of the Revell gang of licensed funnies, this car won.. a lot!

Thankfully, the gear head division of Polar Lights saw the gaping hole left by the absence of a decent Blue Max model. There was the stock bodied MPC kit that used the next generation Mustang body with this paint scheme. And until the closer but still no cigar MPC 72 Baby Blue Max, that was it until 1999.

This is a slightly modified variation of the superb Mr. Norm chassis. The Mustang body is even more spot on than their Charger bodies, which are so sweet. I gave this a simple wiring job.

I struggled with these decals. Even now the white stripes are almost correctly in place, but I went through two sets to reach this point. So a 3rd try isn't going to happen. These are close enough for the shelf. 

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