"44 kicks ass"


The number 44 is very special in this house. It's the adopted official number of my son Jeremy.

While he played football in school, that was his number. So this car fills has lot of inferences.. Jeremy's team colors were blue with white numbers. (44 for sure) and Of course he had Hot Wheels. Okay, it's a little bit of a stretch, but, I wanted to give him something I made that I know he'll make sure he always has.

The kit is the Revell~Monogram 1997 issue. It's painted with Krylon blue clear coated with Kucaba's Kustom Klear lacquer.

The decals didn't quite match the box paint scheme so, I varied a bit and omitted the white rear bumper.

Reality check 

I really wanted to build a perfect miniature, but, the kit decals were obsessed with breaking. I don't know if this is because they were 5 years old, or if this is an inherent problem with Revell. Either way, I ended up using a lot of extra decals to cover up the flaws in the full side decals.

Or maybe the decals were trying to emulate the number of band aids Jeremy went through on the field...

just a thought....

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