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Bad Tiki

Warding off the evil spirits of rat rods and rusted T Buckets everywhere

Gotta love a kit with one piece to it. No glue, faster than a snap kit.. So why did this take so long to paint?


I go through stages. I buy one subject, then I have to buy a lot of the same types. (like funny car models or show rods.. can't have just one)

Once I started painting this, I kept painting and painting and painting until it didn't give me the creeps. (or I just warmed up to just how fugly this guy is).


This is a Jimmy Flintstone display gear shift knob (for real cars). He's about 5 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches across.

After prepping the resin for paint, I shot it with flat black. Then I let it sit for 18 months. Then I shot it with Krylon brown. After I dry brushed the hat, I masked from the hairline up and shot it with hammered metal silver. I then spent the remainder of the time painting the tans, sands, whites and purples and greens.. pretty much whatever came out of the little paint bottles that were within arms reach..

After researching many a tiki, I concluded that no matter what color I put on it, it was destined to be one vgly mvtha fvcker.

I've also come to the realization that my forte' is not painting with a brush.. maybe if it was a paint by number .......

actually, you kind of warm up to it... like an ugly girl with big tits.. well.. I did anyways..

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