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This is the Aurora box branded King Kong kit #7507 which was manufactured for Playing Mantis by Revell-Monogram LLC with Monogram Models embossed on the bottom of the base.... whew! got that?

The original Aurora King Kong kit was released in 1963, and this is one of the later reissues of that very kit. I never bought the Universal Studios monster kits, because I was knee deep in hot rods and custom cars back then. This kit has been around the block a few times and this one is branded 1998.


I started this kit in 2009 but put it away when I reached the 'time to paint it" stage.

One thing I can say, is this kit does build up into great display model. The majority of the detail painting is all on the base and Anne (Faye Ray)


I have calculated this to be 1/60th scale based on the 10" height (where Kong would be 50 feet tall per the 1933 classic movie) So not too much detail was done to our damsel in distress (I never had a very good hand painting talent), but she does have a little extra detail added to her upper torso.

The base actually was very enjoyable and relaxing to paint. It is all brush painted using enamels and dull coat lacquer in spots. (most all my enamels are gloss.. good for model cars, not so good for model trees)

If you look closely there's quite a bit of detail molded into the base, just waiting for paint to bring it to life.

The big guy is painted Krylon satin black from a spray bomb.

uh oh.. snakes..

a couple betterer lighted detail pics. (struggling with light)


All in all a great kit that every modeler should build at least once in their life.

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