Satan's Crate  built: January 2003 
First, the disclaimer.. There are no religious references being imposed or established here. This is just a cool model that was re-released in 2002 from a lesser politically sensitive era.

Now, the fun stuff.. According to the directions, this was last released in 1971.

The kit comes molded in red plastic, and there is no chrome tree. Check out the "Seddon" 'head' lamps.. Debbie and Rick

The chains, exhaust and rear "tail light" were treated to Alclad. Satan himself is painted in Cobra Colors Performance Red lacquer over a black base coat.

The skulls and hub caps (knee caps actually) are simple flat white with a darker wash. 

The carry rails are Alclad gold, and the coffin is a mix of 3 different browns dry brushed.

Kit Impressions: He's an ugly son of a gun, and really came to "life" with paint. It's # 691 in a limited production of 5000. I give Lindberg the cahonies of the year award for releasing this. 


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