This highly maneuverable dual jet vehicle designed by the Trade Federation providing nimble handling while being outfitted with dual cannons. They're flown by battle droids primarily for reconnaissance and on patrol.

This AMT/ERTL kit is big. It stands about a foot from base to head.

This is a fun kit to assemble, but requires a few tricks to get it "right". The first is the feet don't line up correctly with the foot pedals. To overcome that, I cut his feet off at the ankle, then drilled and fitted 2 plastic rods to angle his feet correctly.

Next, because he pivots in so many places, once in position, I drilled holes (#72 drill bit) through these pivot points and inserted floral arrangement wire to keep him from 'sagging' into an almost sitting position. His 'hands' are also pinned through the handles.

He's painted with metalizers and flat military acrylics. With some heat marking from a few laser shots.

All in all, a great kit from Episode 1 and briefly in Episode 2.

There's cool yahoo group dedicated to Star War's models (IE= no Trek). check them out at SWMODELS

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