Another builders block breaker. A simple snap kit,

I don't like to "fool around" with pictures of my models to enhance them, But I did "black out" the clear flight stand on these pictures.

For as simple a kit as this is, it builds a pretty cool vehicle that the Empire uses a lot.

These kits run around $5 on ebay. Every kid should get at least one. This has been painted in Cobra Colors Imperial White, with the power panels painted House of Kolor Black gold.

The kit doesn't fit together too well in the cockpit. So Darth Dad may need to step in with some heavy handed tactics. Tip: Glue the rear canopy door on. It just flops around if you build it to open and close.

I always get a kick out of the manufacturers stating a scale on these kinds of kits. What's the scale of 'doesn't really exist' anyways??

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