ALA KART by  Alan Alexis

As a kid I always liked the look of the Nose on this car. After I grew up, and priced them on eBay, I really despaired of ever getting one. Now AMT has brought back this Kit (as a new tooling). I do not have an original to compare with, so I'll tell only what I see here. 

The box art paint colors very well. I like the fact that the top and large side view show both the front and rear of the car. I wish that the detail photo's on the opposite side were larger though. They are too small.

Open the box and you get six bags of parts. This is great! Everything is bagged separately. Clear parts, two bags of clean gray parts, a bundle of three chrome trees (each bagged by itself, then taped together), whitewall inserts, and tires. Red clear parts. This treatment keeps everything nice and clean until you build.

The decals have a cover sheet on them. Unlike the "wax paper" that used to be used this is an opaque white sheet, shiny on the side next to the decal. Mine were some of the cleanest decals I have gotten out of a kit in years! Speaking of decals, these seem to cover everything shown on the Box art, but I am leery of trusting them for all the markings on the real thing. I would want to check reference photos of the real car. The Fred Cady sheet will be a real help. There are two License Plates. A 1929 Michigan FAE 897,and one purple ALA KRT. The Michigan plate is clear enough to be read!

The instruction sheet is more of a guide, than a detailed map. The mysterious painting notation "Gloss Black" appears, on half the chassis parts with no shaded areas or diagrams to explain, where, or how much of each part needs to be painted. In step 3B the locations for the front shocks are very confusing. More than a bit of work will be needed to figure out the correct positions of these parts.

The engraving on the parts is crisp and clear. There is almost no flash, and the ejector pin marks are confined to the bottem of the fender unit. They must have saved all of them from the rest of the kit though, as the fender unit has a large number of them, many in awkward places. The engine parts are particularly well done. Those various intake option bits, are sharp, and a little paint will make this engine shine.

The radiator is engraved only on the facing AWAY from the engine so flipping it around may be a way to get around that problem. It will need another hole drilled it, though. The chassis fits fine, and sits square. There is good engraved detail on all four brake backing plates. I did not like the fit of the hood to the nose on the left side, although the hood does fit the cowl quite well. The bed/body interface is not as good as it should be and fiddling will be needed to make everything lineup. The tires in this kit are a stand out. the rears are BF Goodrich Silvertowns, and the fronts are no-name skinnies, but all have good sharp tread, and snap in whitewalls. The plated wheels are well done too.

This is a welcome release of a classic Hot Rod, and with the first rate engraving and sharp decals, only a massively sub-par instruction sheets fails this kit.

My Rating: Buy one now, just pay attention to how things go together.


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