Revell/Monograms 22' Bass Fishing boat. This kit is not available separately, it is always part of a set. (El Camino or Pickup)

The two part hull is the upper and lower parts and has very crisp molding. Carpet is molded everywhere it needs to be, and there is even a separate lid for the bait well. There are two swivel seats as well as the driver and passenger seats. An big outboard graces the rear and a tiny, delicately molded trolling sets up front. 

In addition there is a Fishfinder and other modern goodies. This boat comes with a long four wheel trailer. It has a built in, front mounted storage box/ice chest and neat jack and hitch setup. 

The only things missing from this kit are the beer cooler and the mosquitoes!  


Wednesday, December 03, 2008