HEMI HYDRO by  Alan Alexis

The Revell "Hemi Hydro" is a recent re-release, molded in blue. 

This is a 22' flat hulled, ski boat. There are no options for this kit really, although a well stocked parts box could come up with many alternative intakes to the 6 Strombergs that come in the kit. The 392 Firepower Hemi valve covers are very well done and even have holes at the spark plug locations. Because of the way the engine mounts and 'V' drive unit are made, swapping in another engine is easy. Just cut off the transmission, and use the kits front cover in place of whatever the the other engine had, and you are ready to go. I can see a 454 Rat motor in this boat easily. The 2 piece 'over and out' headers are very nice. The two blade prop and shaft are chromed.

The hull is molded in right and left halves just like an airplane kit. You will have a huge seam running right  down the center as well as around the front deck, where it drops into place. Notice that there is even a moveable, drop-down, rear facing jump seat inside. The fiddly interior is good looking and will eventually fit, with some tweaking. Surprisingly, despite all the detail of the cavitation plate, a trim tabs at the rear. There is no attempt to have any kind of mount for the tow rope. 

The trailer in this kit is complicated. Seven sets of 3 piece rollers, an 8 piece tongue, winch and jack assembly and even four optional side steps for the trailer. This is a nice trailer. Also included are a set of water skis. I am sure they are quite dated, but they are nicely engraved and set the whole thing off. 

The decals in this kit are weak. One 'Hemi Hydro', a pair of orange stripes and two registration numbers are all you get.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008