Monte Carlo w/ Fantasy Chopper by  Alan Alexis

Molded in ERTL's neutral gray plastic, this is an MPC kit!
Even the decal sheet still has two MPC logos on it!

Talk about time warps! This kit is everything you liked about MPC and everything you hated too.

The one piece chassis is right out of a 1960's AMT kit. There are NO separate parts for anything. All chassis detail is engraved in place. Axles, driveline, exhaust, it's all molded in place. The engraving is good,though, and it should be easy to detail paint.

The body is Crisp and Straight. Mine looks very clean, and captures the 1980's look of the Monte very well.

Pity this kit is going to be so hard to find, as the Low Rider crowd would have bought twice as many as RC2 is going to make.

There is an optional T-top roof piece and a faux vinyl landau top in the kit. No mention is made of these parts in the instructions, but there they are. Another small bonus from RC2!

There are no options in the kit other than the top parts I mentioned and a set of really lame looking wire 'styled' wheels. These are also typical MPC. In fact there are some of these wheels in the 32 Ford Switchers kits that just came out.

Now for the Good stuff! The Chopper and trailer.

The Chopper is a 24 part assembly although they are 4 exhaust pipes and 4 intake trumpets for the carbs in that total.
The engine has a clearly engraved "Honda" logo on the end cap.
The forks are chromed and the front tire/wheel is one piece. There is a nasty(!) seam around the front tire, and the cross-section of the tire is way too narrow. The Chopper wheels have 7 spokes, not wire wheels. They do look good.

The gas tank on the chopper, is diamond shaped, and pretty good, but the seat will have an impossible to fill seam down the middle. I'd recommend making a seat cover from scratch if you can. The trailer is very simple. Three parts and four wheel halves.

But it is clean and modern. I like it and have plans for it already.

The decals are Exactly what they were last time, down to the MPC markings, and the instruction sheet is pure, vintage MPC as well.

This is a blast from the past! If it had been molded in color it would have been indistinguishable from the 80's kit.