Surf Woody by  Alan Alexis

Just got this kit at the Local Hobby shop. It is the recent release of the RC2 Surf Woody. I did not expect to find this kit and I had to have it. Unlike many older builders, I have never seen this kit, so opening it up was a complete surprise to me. I had no idea what I was going to find. There is a lot here.

This is a great little kit. Six bags of parts(2 Chrome-1 Tires-1 Clear-1 Body-1 Parts) and two decal sheets(1-Decals for three versions and 1 wood grain).

The engine seems small but sports a two-part 'Cobra' oil pan and 'Ansen' valve covers.There are two intake options. The original (and very finicky) twin 'Paxton' blower set-up and a simpler option that replaces the many parts of the blower with two scoops. One on each of the twin carbs .Be fore-warned, there is only one belt assembly in the kit and that is for the blowers. There are no provisions for a belt on the scooped engine and no alternator for either. The engraving on all these parts is first rate. The years have been kind to these molds.

The tube frame chassis consists of two halves (left and right) and a plethora(27) of small, delicate suspension parts. About half of these are chromed so getting things to stick together is going to be a chore. It goes together nicely though, and the detail is again great! The disc brakes on the front are superb and and the slotted 'Ansen' mag wheels are very good as well. One note. The Dual rear tires on the original kit have given way to some VERRRY wide slick in the rear that do not seem very 'surf buggy' like at all. Oddly, while 3/4 of the suspension is chromed, the exhaust pipes are not. And those pipes are a bear to snake in, around and, over the chassis.

The Body has three variants. The original "Barris Surf Woody" and a 'Hearse' and 'Roadster' option. There is an opening hood and a rotating single headlight up front. The headlight has a chromed insert, clear 'fluorescent' tube bulbs, and a clear cover, and is designed to pivot.

The hood has a chromed detail piece underneath, and works as well. Each version of the car has it's own fender set up. None for the 'woody', huge flat fenders with scroll-like mounts for the hearse, and tight fitting 'cycle' style fenders for the roadster.

The roadster also has it's own seats (different than the ones shared by the others) and a neat 'tucked in' tonneau cover and windscreen. While the 'woody' and 'hearse' share the same, awkward 'upright' look in their cabs, the parts for each are entirely separate. The rear panel and side panels, being the only parts shared. Different windshields, tops, and trim make the two very different looking. There is a 'coffin lid' shaped surf board included for the 'woody' and it gets it's own 'purple pleated, iron cross' decal.

Speaking of decals. The sheet is wild.

Pink Octopus(2) and scrolls and three more iron cross bedecked trim panels for the 'hearse' version. As well as some weird "kill markings" with cars, sea animals and a tiny bat. The wood grain need to complete the 'woody version is here as well.

I like this kit and despite not having finished it quite yet, it makes a neat little car. With it's separate tube chassis and drop on body it is a magnificent donor for other custom applications, as well as being a great source of parts. A single GM 6-71 blower and scoop will transform the look, and the possibilities are endless for making your 'own' custom from this kit.

It is great! Go out and hunt down one or two.

Since it is a 'buyers choice' kit, it already is hard to find.