The follow up to the original takes a look at the primary characters a few years after that night in 1962. If you need a little more.. this is a must have, but be forewarned, the format takes a little getting used to.

Somewhat complex, telling 4 simultaneous stories of 4 New Years Eve's in 1964 (John Milner's last day),  Terry Fields Vietnam experience in 65, Debbie Dunham in 66, a now married Steve and Laurie Bolander in 67 (no.. they weren't known as Richie and Shirley)

notable highlights:

  • Harrison Ford as Police officer Falfa 
  • Awesome dragstrip footage with Steve Evans in the tower
  • Anna Bjorn as Eva
  • Country Joe and the Fish
  • Naomi Judd (in the bus)

Canney says.. for the AG diehard 1979 - 112min.