Ed Roth was with us from 1932 to 2001. In that time he was a major force in how the world views automobiles, motorcycles, t-shirts and too much more. Vehicles he created in his lifetime will live on forever in museums and personal collections because he was THAT important to automobilia.

This DVD is narrated by John Goodman [as Ed] in 3rd person. It's a little unnerving to here "thats me, 6 months before I died" [Goodman] as the opening line. But you get used to it quickly.  

The feature is slow to start, having to sit through slowly paced Rat Fink graphics, and a promo for a fair at best rock band, and Dick Cavett DVD collection.. etc etc etc... Without being able to fast forward through it, start the DVD and go get a cup of Joe while it runs.

All in all though, this chronical of Ed Roth's life works is a MUST HAVE !! 

Canney says..

2005 - Buy it at Amazon.com