Classic Model Ads

A few magazine ads from the golden days of model making. Click on the little pictures to see a full screen image. Click your back button to return here.

AMT 1963 AMT 1964 Aurora 1964 AMT 1965 AMT 1974 Monogram Big Tub 1963 IMC VW and Little Red Wagon 1967 IMC 1969 Slots Monogram Garbage Truck 1968 Monogram Tijuana Taxi 1969  MPC 1966 Mako Shark MPC 1967 - Funny Cars MPC 1971 MPC 1971 ~ Carl Casper's Shaker Trike  Revell 1964 featuring Ed "Big Daddy" Roth 1964 Testors Paint featuring Ed Roth

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