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HEMI TRIKE buildup

Latest Pictures 03.14.05 
The new brace in the rear is Evergreen tube with solder inside.

What the......

Chronological progress:

Feb 8 2005 - First it needs to be reassembled.

I started with a basket case King Chopper that the frame rails were snapped in 6 different spots

I reinforced the inside of the rails with 1/4 round Evergreen strip styrene

Feb 12 2005 ~ First cut is always the hardest.

Once assembled and basked in Ambroid Pro-Weld I eyeballed the engine location and...

hacked away where the engine will need clearance and built this cage.

The engine is the 1/10th Parma reissue of the old MPC Shirley Muldowney hemi.

Despite the change in scale, it fits very snuggly.

Feb 13 2005 ~ a little refinement

Added a couple of braces and a seat and rear end solution.

The rear end is a mess of Evergreen tube and a Testors "Weird-Ohs" Mama B and Baby kit.

February 20 2005

Without a 1/10th scale transmission licking around, these 18 pieces of Evergreen plastic and 1/16th scale Halibrand mag from the Don Prudhomme Wynns Winder kit make up an 18 part reverser. 

Looks like this:


I'm using the kit's 'body' for the cowl work.. cut up a little bit though. The original rear end has made way for this 1/16th unit from a Don Garlits dragster.

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