Uncertain T ~ resurrection

After I soaked this whole glue bomb kit in Castrol Super Clean for a few days, I attempted to disassemble it as carefully as possible. Regretfully, the frame snapped in 3 places, so I started repairing the frame by gluing Evergreen strips to the bottom side and then the top of the frame.

I don't know the history of this particular model of course, but, I imagine it was subjected to some nasty heat somewhere along the way from 1966.
  The frame was twisted into an out of square shape, that didn't appear until I started fixing this.

After a day of glue curing on the top and another day curing on the top of the frame rails, I added Evergreen strip to the outside of the frame rails. (The bottom strip being the guide.)
  I didn't worry about the overhang. These helped keep things straight and were trimmed later.

Here, you can see the trimming process on the bottom of the frame rail. (which is on the top in this picture).
All I did was use a sharp xacto blade held flush against the flat of the side of the rail, trimming the lower Evergreen reinforcement strip.

And... pieces trimmed and sanded, the repaired section is a little taller than the original kit.
  The unique body's firewall cradles the "Z" section where it widens, so the fatness of the frame won't be noticeable when the body is mounted.


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