The Beantown Bandit
December 2, 2007

I bought this 1/20th MPC 1970 1/2 Corvette on eBay as a built up glue bomb in 2005. It was an amateur build, but had a certain charm to it with it's spray bomb Mako Shark inspired paint job.

It was a mixed blessing when it hit the floor and shattered into 100 pieces. I would have left it as I'd received it, but now in pieces, it was time to give it the once over.

Being an ultra rare 1970 1/2 MPC 1/20th kit, parts were to say the least.. scarce. 

The recent Chuck Wagon release donated it's chassis and front and rear wheels and running gear

The front Mako Shark piece was molded in and headlights filled in using Bondo automotive filler

The rear louvers were also filled in to the body with Bondo

The vertical front fender vents were removed and horizontal ones formed from strip styrene

The engine was pieced together from several 1/20th Corvette kits to recreate what would be available in 1971

The headers are formed from solder and aluminum tube

The wheelie bars are aluminum tube stock ending with the original kit plastic wheel hubs

The interior bucket from a 1980 Corvette was fitted minus the passenger seat.

Paint is metallic purple with Plum clear lacquer and the interior is Prowler Orange (Cobra Colors)

Decals from Slippery Arts [ Beantown.. Boston (baked) Beans.. Gas.. Gasser.. ]

This has turned into one of my favorite builds 

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