"Big Drag Tribute"
completed 3/31/2012


It only took 49 years to obtain, 100 days to build, and double that in dollars, but I finally have it.

This is an 1/8th scale variation of the Monogram Big T that was originally released in 1963, and if I'm not mistaken, was never re-released.

Take a gander at ebay, and you will find these running pretty demanding money wise. Most are missing this or that, and the majority are in rough shape.

There are LOTS of special parts that make a Big Drag differentiating it from it's Big T heritage.

Starting with the Moon fuel tank up front to the blown engine to the plain chrome firewall which adds a cool reflective image of the engine.

This is painted with Cobra Colors Mulsanne Blue metallic automotive lacquer and has been buffed and polished.

The interior floor pan was a pleasant surprise included in the 2005 Revell reissue of the back dated Big T. The T bucket body itself is from a Golden T. I chose this because I didn't want to fool around with filling the Big T exhaust holes with plugs, or the Big T cowl sunken antenna hole. (There's no radio here)

of course, the Big Drag was all about the killer blown motor. This one started with the 2005 Big T mill, as well as that kit's headers and high rise valve covers.

The blower came from two different model buddies. One in Canada, and the other in Colorado. The blower Alclad was applied by yet another buddy in Illinois.

The chrome scoop came from the Lindberg Exterminator dragster kit. The chrome distributor from an original 1963 issue Big Rod. I scratch built the cam driven fuel pump, as I didn't see any real detail on the ebay references I was researching. I kept it plain and simple to follow the flow of the original model..

The blower belt is seat belt material, again from the Big T reissue. (note: super glue does NOT adhere to Alclad.)

Remember that this is actually a show rod, and as originally designed in 1963, there was no 5 point racing harness. It's a simple lap belt. Put on your 1963 glasses.

Aside from the blower, all of the chrome on the Big Drag only parts are still holding their original shine. The 49 year old chrome pieces do have scrapes and have worn marks, but, I think that patina adds to the authenticity and charm of the build. I'm not into the whole rat rod scene, it's bright and shiney for me.

My Dad used to call me Pablo. So, just to pay homage to him, I assembled the Big Tub "Paso Or Bust" decal into this. Deal with it.

And lastly, adorning the Big Drag push bar is the Big T skull shifter. Something the racer in the other lane to look at down the 1320.


If you'd like to comment, suggest or question any aspects of this project, feel free to drop me an email by clicking this:

There's is a detailed build page for this with many more details on challenges and solutions that you can check out HERE

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