The Cherry Hammer
Aug 5 2006

This is a 1/20th scale MPC "Laser Vette" model issued in 1979 at the height of this body modification fad Corvettes were experiencing.

The hood however is from a little later issue Turbo Vette, but was a drop in.

The Laser Vette is molded in yellow and the Turbo Vette in Red so this has a lot of paint on it to combat bleed through.

When I bought this kit off of ebay, the seller assured me the special tires were included, but alas, he lied. I hate when modelers screw other modelers.

There's 10 coats of Cobra Colors lacquer (over black) under the clear coat. 

A special debt of gratitude goes out to my model buddy Steve Hammann who came through with the special tires. (In fact, he sent an almost complete kit to me)

Hence the play on words (Hammann = Hammer), and it's topped with 4 coats of Cherry Candy Clear

All the seams were filled on the front bumper to make it appear as a 1 piece front end.

All in all, not a bad kit out of the box. The kits 454 was long gone when this was produced (as it is based on a late 70's Corvette). The kit suffers from sloppy fit when assembling the chassis, interior bucket and firewall into the body. So have a dremel ready. 

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