Originally built in 2001, I built this from four old built ups I bought off eBay. Hence the name: Frankenbird. Pieces parts from here and there all fused together ....

Meant to hearken back to the early 60's when AMT Styline  kits were the hot items. More form than function.

The roll bar is hand formed solder. Which is a fancy way to say a chunk of metal bent into a C shape. The back dash and roll and pleats are made from 1/2 round Evergreen strip plastic. The steering wheel is from the Elvira T-bird.

I wanted the car have the look of a custom that would have been built in the mid 60's. The seats are from the Millennium 50 Ford reissue with Scale Motorsports 'fabric' decals, and the original builds Kelsey Hayes wires gave way to these photo etched units.

The front and rear pieces were available in the original AMT 57 kits. Head and tail lights were made from aluminum tubing. As were the exhaust pipes and heat shields.

 This sat for a couple of years painted in this candy apple red lacquer, covered in dust until fellow model buddy Dave Mikrut gave me the inspiration to finally finish it.

True to it's inner soul, as the last screw in the original 4 screw chassis was being tightened, a crack appeared on the front facia.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011 8:40 PM