FRANKENBIRD 2 ~ 5 years and 5 glue bombs

This story starts in January 2001.

I got the hankering to build a 'brother' to the original Frankenbird, but using an AMT 1961 T-bird that I bought on eBay. The model came in with the typical Styline parts attached and I quickly decided to make some changes. The first was to open up the original grille.

This worked out "okay"but I just wasn't happy with it, so I looked around the other eBay glue bomb stock pile and really liked the looks of the Styline parts for the AMT 61 Corvette. So I cut it off the vette and grafted it on the bird.

A few members on the ModelCarList asked what I was going to do about headlights, so I came up with the idea of C3 Corvette-like lift up units. This really made the nose too busy for me, so the idea was scrapped. 

Somewhere in the mix of all that the scoop was extended using Evergreen 1/2 round and sheet stock. Additionally, the rear Styline piece was removed, realigned, the wheel wells were opened using a template of the front openings and the fins were extended using some old Johan parts. A lot of arm chair supporters tried to talk me into chopping the top, but, I resisted.

hey, your nose is runnin'  

One other thing that isn't at all noticeable is the top edge of the windshield was extended with strip Evergreen. Maybe it was an early manufacturing trade off that required the top of the windshield to actually go 'into' the roof, but, I felt it added to the roof to extend it. Then it got painted and painted and painted and painted. I lost count, but there's at least 20 coats of lacquer on it.  

Then it sat for a very long time while I accumulated parts. I bought one badly abused glue bomb for the rear bumper that fits into the V at the rear. I felt it detracted from the theme of the rear end and didn't use it. I bought another for the interior and another still for the chassis and glass. In the end however, I used a simplified (all black) chassis from the more recent AMT/ERTL 62 Thunderbird (new tool)

This is a spare detail picture of the extended scoop

And then one day, I sat looking at it, all polished up and smooth as a baby's butt and decided.. today is the day, and set about finally assembling it into what is here:

In the end, I decided on the Torque Thrust mags and tires from the Revell 1959 Corvette.

NO headlights, thank you. Do what I do and make believe they are hide aways behind the grille.

If you look closely, you can see the full width tail light under the rear overhang

The tail pipe extensions were very last minute as the new tool T-bird mufflers wouldn't fit under the car without being a distraction.

All in all, I am quite pleased with the out come. It doesn't have the necessary parts to make it road legal (like lights, mirrors, license plates etc. But this was never about that. This was about building a model I would have wanted to build as a kid, but never would have been able to pull off.

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