FRANKENBIRD 3 ~ suddenly it's 1963! canney

"Look to the future! You can own the future now! AMT brings the future to your favorite hobby store today!"

For some reason, those words or similar seem familiar to me. This was modeling in 1963. AMT's styline parts replaced the front and rear fascia's of their popular kits. And in 1963, bubble tops were the custom trick. Just look at Ed Roth's early 60's creations. 

Another ebay save, the body and nose came from one place. The rear dual jet engine looking tail from another, the bubble and interior from others. I knew when I started this, it HAD to look 63-ish, and not a modern update. So no foil. 

The white walls and quad headlight pods were stolen from a 1962 Buick glue bomb. The jet engine looking hubcaps are the only new parts, from the recent 1964 Mercury reissue. They just seem to fit the jet age futuristic look.

The bubble itself is riddled with tiny spider cracks. And took a lot of polishing to get it back to being somewhat presentable.

Of course the paint is Cobra Colors lacquer. (Brittany Blue Metallic). with 2 coats of clear. The body was NOT polished in an effort to retain a 1963 feel to it. The interior is Plasti-kote Pale Sand Suede. There is no engine, it is a curbside.

I get all warm and fuzzy lookin at this one.

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