"Pablo's T" December 26, 2011

The base kit here is Lindberg's Big Red Rod, which I don't think actually gets the respect I think it deserves.

Little has changed in the Lindberg Big Red Rod (BRR) since originally released in the 1960's, other than a few name changes and colors it's been reissued in. (Bobtail T, Orange Crate etc)

I changed the things I felt Lindberg really should have changed over the years.

The cut down radiator is from the 90's Monogram Big T. The mag wheels are from the last Big Deuce. The tires and pickup bed are from an original 1960's builtup Big T I won on ebay.

One obvious problem that Lindberg should address is the interior. It is unchanged since it's original release and has been in every release since. (Thats well over 44 years now and really inexcusable in my opinion)

The engine however, has stood the test of time and accurately represents a Ford Y block. (I'm calling this one a 312 Thunderbird engine)

I started this in November 2009, then it got shelved with my busy schedule. But in the 24 months it sat idle, I only lost one part.. the assembly manual.

Though I'm sitting on at least a gallon of custom blended Cobra Color's lacquers, I still havent unearth my Paasche air brush from the 2008 house move, so this is simply Krylon satin black

The original fuel tank on the Lindberg Big kits was designed to hold batteries for working lights and motor. The unfortunate draw back to that is that the fuel tank is over sized and resembles a 500 gallon #2 fuel oil tank (if you're from New England, chances are you have one of these in your cellar)

So this one is an original Monogram oval gas tank (kit AK202) from 1963

It's got the look. That's always the goal with my builds

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  Tuesday December 27, 2011 9:22 PM