White Willys
December 23 2006

Inside that Revell Willys street rod box, you know, the one with that awful pumpkin/black art work is an absolute jewel of a model.

Using the same body as the Mazmanian Willys, impressively, Revell has a unique pro street chassis under this baby. It would have been simpler I'm sure to simply re-release the Maz Willys with different graphics, but, to their credit, the revised interior and chassis is a welcomed surprise.

The only changes I made to this kit was to snatch up a photo etch grille from a SWC Willys, and added aluminum carb stacks.

The white pearl is Cobra Colors lacquer over Duplicolor Import white automotive paint.

Somebody tell Revell that box art is killing their sales on this otherwise fabulous kit.

door handles? yeah, they went flying somewhere.. make believe the doors are solenoid operated like I do


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