" Bad Medicine " - completed October 05, 2002


One of Tom Daniel's most popular kits, originally released in 1970, this one is a creative masterpiece.

This recent reissue was a welcome break from the detail intricacies of more detailed kits.

 For some reason, model car builders dig skeletons. (myself included). I don't know why, but, they just seem to go with hot cars. My friend, Mr. Bones here, is painted in white lacquer and dry brushed with black enamel to age and highlight his (remains) features.

I wanted the paint to be ummm, "bloody". So paint paint mix conjured up is:  black silver base with black gold (House Of Kolor) fogging, 2 coats candy wineberry, 1 clear coat with gold metal flakes,  2 more coats of candy wineberry, (all Cobra Colors) , followed by 2 coats Kucaba's Kustom Klear. Like deep daddy-o.

As a real dragster, this thing is aerodynamically a parachute. But, who cares.. it's cool.

A simple engine wiring job with white wire wrap wire.

Kit Impressions: You want to get a kid involved in model car building? Give him one of these. It goes together very smoothly and the theme carries throughout. It makes a very cool model and has done so since 1970. 


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