"Bugaboo!"  built 03/03 
According to the detail page at Showrods.com, this kit was produced by the three top designers at AMT in 1971. David Wilder, John Bogosian, and David Carlock.

This started out as an ebay built reject. Unfortunately, it was missing a few key parts. The headers that came on the built up looked like they came off of some kids toy. Not very realistic and not to scale. I ended up scratch building this set out of evergreen plastic tubing with wire inside. Then, they were treated to Alclad II chrome lacquer.

The decals on the side are a touch of self indulgence that were custom made by slipperyarts.com. The original decals were long gone, and I never really cared for the Bugaboo logo anyway.

All the chrome was disassembled and washed with a tooth brush and dish detergent and then covered in clear lacquer.

The body is Candy Lemon lacquer over Yellow Rose Pearl lacquer over Ferrari Giallo Modena lacquer over white. (All Cobra Color's). Then top coated with 2 coats of Kucaba's Kustom Klear lacquer.

The chassis is painted Cobra Color's Ferrari Grigio Titanio Metallic lacquer. I'm not sure that roll bar would make it past tech inspection in the real world.

The only parts I didn't repaint from the original builder was the shift knob. The pre-wired distributor is a product of www.scalemodelingbychris.com

Kit Impressions: Well, now that I spent almost $100 on this resurrection, I wouldn't be surprised to see it reissued for $10. (If history repeats itself). All in all though, this design is creativity personified  in my estimation. The chassis was duplicated in the Stingaree, Infini~ T, and Maxi Mav kits. Each one a small fortune in mint un-built condition, these would do well in today's market.

This is supposed to pivot like a funny car, but that part wasn't included with the "complete" built up I purchased. So for now, the body remains a lift off.


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