Dave Deal's Bug Bomb
completed 05.31.04

My all time absolute favorite Dave Deal creation!

This started out as a badly painted missing pieces ebay reject

The mag wheels are from the most recent zzzzzzzz-28 reissue, but the original rabbit head tires remain.

Once disassembled and stripped, the body was painted with Cobra Colors Candy Amber (from the rear) and Candy Wine Berry with a few coats of rose pearl thrown in for good measure, over a gold base. It's all lacquer.

It's still missing a few parts, but there's enough here to satisfy me.

I don't remember if a chute or plate goes where that hole is...

here's what it looked like when it came in the garage. I'm sure it was cool under a hippy dippy black light.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008 11:30:48 PM