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modified AMT Superbug Gasser 03/31/04

One has to wonder why someone felt we needed a shortened beetle bodied creation like this. And it isn't until you start comparing kits and calendar dates that you (well I) come to the deduction that this was an economic move to capitalize on the dune buggy kits that had gone out of fashion when this was released.

The AMT kit was nothing more than the Meyers Manx dune buggy with a modified body to utilize the Manx chassis.

I originally built this for the KitBashKook Kontest, with the plans of building a competition chassis for it. This is that version. 

Paint is of course, Cobra Colors lacquer. Fuel Tank is Polar Lights Blue Max, Roll bar is hand formed .062 solder.

The kit must have been a quickie as the body doesn't fit when the engine is assembled with the fan belt. This parachute from an IMC beetle covers the hole I had to hog out in the engine cover for the fan belt to poke through.

I really wanted the wheels to be tucked under the fenders, so the rear wheels are a Frankenstein-ish combination of Cragar faces from the parts box, shaved backings from the original kit drilled out and fitted with evergreen tubing, lovingly surrounded with rubber from an MPC Blue Max 71 Funny Car. Front spokes are from the Tony Nancy double digger kit.

The engine is a combination of parts from the original kit, with valve covers and Webbers from the Revell Pink bug. I cut down the stock shroud to emulate a competition shroud I had on one of my real dune buggies. I assembled the whole engine, then shot it with black enamel and Alclad.


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