Ice Cycle      04.26.03
Originally released in the early 70's during a period where wild and crazy was the all the rage. This customized ice cream vendor bicycle is out there. waaay out there.

The original MPC model disappeared for a few decades and was re-released by RC/ERTL in 2002. I never bought or built the original when released as at the time, I was totally caught up with funny car kits, and this is a somewhat obscure 1/12th scale. Until the re-release, these were commanding outrageous bucks on eBay.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the kit includes boxes of fudge-cycles, ice cream buckets and a scoop! Not shown on the box photo are the 2 decorative ornaments on the front.

I decided to omit the ornate and gaudy scroll pieces that attach to the back.

Paint is Dupli~color automotive white over automotive primer. The gold bells are Tamiya clear yellow over the kits chrome.

Kit impressions: This is just cool! The idea of clear wheels is sheer ingenuity. The kit goes together pretty easily, and aside from a few signs of wear, the tooling is in good shape. I used a pin vise and wire to attach the front decorative ice cream ornaments, as there's only a small nub for them to attach to.

The original design is Harry Bradley, not George Barris, which is often the 'default' answer to who designed this. Also, I have an original of this kit. All those 'mystery' extra pieces in the recent reissue have nothing to do with this kit. I will however, hunt down what they are for. My guess is an old HAWK kit. For some reason, I think they had some crazy cycle with a beach babe rider.


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