INFINI~T  08/03 
Designed by David Carlock for AMT in 1971, this is one of the 4 long nose dragsters series that command major collector money.

This started out as a built up kit I got off eBay. 90% of the kit was there on arrival, but the front axle was in pieces. This front axle with posable wheels comes from a Monogram Boomer Bucket. 

The flame decals are Slixx. The silver scallops are Fred Cady.

All the chrome was stripped and then recovered in Alclad chrome lacquer. Chutes are from a Monogram funny car.

The paint is Cobra Color's Prowler Purple Metallic lacquer. The headers are solder.

The original kit had 2 windshield brace rods, that if installed, would have prohibited the clam shell top from lifting so, they didn't make it to the final version here.

Here's how she looked when she rolled into Canney's Garage:


Kit Impressions: The chassis is identical to the Stingaree, Bugaboo, and Maxi Mav kits. Each one a small fortune in mint un-built condition, these would do well in today's market. It assembles quite nicely, but the kit sits higher on the frame than I'd like, so relief's were cut into the turtle deck for the rear shocks.

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