Li'l Yeller 09 07 03 
Designed by John Bogosian
for AMT in 1970, this shares the enitire running gear with the Li'l Gasser and Li'l Cashbox.

This is a couple of glue bomb Yeller's with the running gear from the recent Li'l Gasser re-issue. 

The body was cleaned up and assembled with Ambroid Pro-Weld.

Luckily, the Li'l Gasser re-issue includes the red and chrome trees specific to the Li'l Yeller. I don't know why, but, I sure am glad..

The paint is Cobra Color's Millennium Yellow lacquer.

The rear interior passenger area is molded with a wood grain texture, but, I can't dry brush wood grain to save my life, so I cut some .4mm birch and stained it antique walnut. The outside wood on the top is the same birch stained Bombay Mahogany.



Kit Impressions: Even fresh plastic out of the box, this body is very tricky getting the 9 pieces straight. There are no interlocking pins, so it's a matter of patience and time.I don't know if mine shrank over time, but there's a lot of trimming of body pieces to get everything to line up. That aside, this is one cool kit..


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  Wednesday, December 03, 2008 23:30:48

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