Peace Van - completed August 3 2002
Another from the mind of Dave Deal, and the extruders of Revell. This is the 1995 reissue. 

This one's painted like so: 2 coats of Cobra Color's Quicksilver lacquer base, 2 coats Cobra Color's Marina Blue lacquer, 2 coats Kucaba's Kustom Klear with metalflake added in, 2 coats Cobra Color's Candy Blueberry, (mod decals), 3 coats Kucaba's Kustom Klear lacquer.

 The tail lights are 2 part epoxy tinted with pink paint. The decals are from the Revell/Monogram Volkswagen bus.

We had a 67 VW camper in 1977. Last year for the split window windshield. These old buses had gear reduction units on each rear wheel. Pseudo torque for the meek horse power, but no speed on the highway. That's why whenever you see one, they're always in the slow lane.

For as much sexiness as the Stink Ray has, this one has an equal amount cuteness. 

At the time this kit was originally produced , one of the VW trends that was catching on was to shorten a VW bus by removing the area where the dual side doors are, and welding it all back together. Again, Dave hits the nail on the head with the "West Coast" mirrors and tuned extractor glass pack.

The boards are white pearl and the whip antenna is Gibson Les Paul G string. Unfortunately, A one dimensional picture doesn't show the metalflake glimmers buried in the candy blue paint.


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