August 18 2002

Not a whole lot to say about this, other than it's a slammer (no engine, no interior) and a snap kit.

It comes molded in an incredibly nasty puke green and is "pre decorated" with some orange flame-ish design tampo printed on the side.

This one I painted Cobra Colors Prowler Purple metallic lacquer over a silver base.

The flames are Slixx decals which are sandwiched between the purple base and 6 coats of Kucaba's Kustom Klear lacquer. The kit has some funky single fin on the trunk. It's gone now.

Tail lights are tinted 2 part epoxy. The wheels are actually from another snap kit. But the "AMT" tire tread was a total surprise when I opened this kit up.

The nose is painted on top of the decals.

Kit Impressions:

This is a terrific kit to get a kid involved in the hobby of model car making. It goes together quite easily as is and yields and impressive, though toyish, 1/25th scale car.

Spending a little time with paint and details yields quite an impressive curbside model.


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