This is the 3rd of the 4 long nose wacky dragster kits that came out of AMT in the short series. Released in 1971, it's certainly the sexiest body of the Bugaboo, Maximav, Infini-T and Stingaree series.

Of course, being the owner of a similarly bodied 1981 Corvette myself, I'm a little biased.

I struggled a lot with this kit, mostly with the paint. There's gotta be 20 coats of blue, gray and clear coat on it!.

Unfortunately, when you realize early on, that you used the wrong (enamel based) primer under lacquer, it's just a battle to get it presentable.


The decals (from eBay) also couldn't handle the lacquer clear coat. Not from my usual supplier of custom made decals, I decided to try to make a wacked out version of a famous early funny car. You can see how the white edges bled out under the clear paint.

Nonetheless, the car is presentable for being a shelf model. I'll probably repaint it, but later....

All I need is a Maximav (Maverick) to complete the collection now.

I felt the body looked a little "heavy" for the body, so I swapped out the tiny cycle front wheels for these Revell Pro Stockers I had kicking around. I thought it would bring some balance to the proportions, but, the jury is still out on that as well.

At least I can say I've seen one of these in my life, which is something I CANT say about the Maximav version.


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pbc. Wednesday, December 03, 2008 11:30:48 PM

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