The year was 1970. Horsepower was unbridled. Tires were going through a metamorphous period. Wider.. much wider . Revell transformed 4 of master artist Dave "BIG" Deal's caricature renderings into 3 dimensional model kits. Somewhere around 1/25th scale.....

The "Stink Ray", in my opinion, is the sexiest of the 4 initial kits masterminded from Mr. Deal's mind. This is an original 1970 edition kit.

The color is Candy Cherry with Wild Dark Cherry fogging over a White pearl base. All the paint is Cobra Color's lacquer. 

All of the chrome was stripped and repainted with Alclad II Lacquer paint


The driver was painted by my wife. The "glass" on his shades was made from 2 part epoxy, tinted with a drop or two of candy red paint mixed into the epoxy.

Though the model was molded in "Purple Frost Metallic", the Canney family Corvette is red.

 This is my favorite angle of this kit:

That "hand painted" license plate by the way, was supposed to be a Colorado plate. oops... oh well.. next time I buy paint, I'll buy some green.

What the police helicopter sees:

Thanks Dave!


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