Stroker McGurk  03/31/04
If you're between 45 and 60, and built models as a kid, you probably just uttered "I had one of those!" or "I remember that!"

This is MPC kit #100 from the mid 60's.Picked this up on eBay, unpainted and glued with kryptonite glue.

Most of it was there, except the bottom of the board, which I made from sheet evergreen stock, the shifter, which is solder and the uh.. steering mechanism which my wife Carol came to the rescue with in her craft stuff. The engine was assembled when I received it, minus the headers. Even though I was tempted to use the Parma 1/10th detailed hemi, I decided to retain the original kits charm by not detailing it other than masking and Alclad application.

Stroker was a cartoon strip / mascot of Hot Rod magazine in the 60's and "came to life" with this and the original telephone booth T model. (before the Carl Casper kit).

The board is a combination of Cobra Colors (of course) Candy Cherry over Cosmic Gold with a fade to white pearl.

I can't paint figures.. period. So my wife was gracious enough to give Stroker a neat lookin appearance.

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