In 1970, an accomplished Ohio modeler by the name of Dennis Johnson, stunned the model car world with three 1/43rd scale cars. A Chevy van, An AMX, and a VW Beetle. All 3 had huge engines, big tires and a look that didn't exist until their debut.


So popular were these models that MPC ended up turning them into kits for the masses. Which in turn were turned into full size show cars for the show circuit. (and are probably still out there).

This one, was a sad ebay reject when I got it. Parts to the kits engine and blower were missing, and the body was brush painted "that" pactra blue. After a month long bath in CSC, the rebuilding process began. 

The double blower is from the recent AMT/Ertl 1/20th scale Popcorn Wagon, which looks more accurate to Dennis's original than the MPC kit version. Also, the kit version's engine is smaller and looks a little too comfortable, where Mr. Johnson's looks like it's busting to escape. (note the valve covers on Dennis's and the MPC issue above). That was the look I wanted........

The blower belt is Evergreen stock painted black. The blower drive pulleys are actually the original kit's single in line piece cut in half and mounted on the two blowers. All the chrome is Alclad II lacquer paint.

The valve covers are from an old MPC 1/20th scale Corvette, and the rear wheels are Perry's Resin pieces, and the exhaust headers are from an original Stone Woods Cook Willys, cut down to fit. The lacquer paint is Cobra Colors Cherry Candy over Gold Pearl.

This is my favorite shot of the car:

So Mr. Johnson.. Thanks!

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008 11:30:48 PM

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