completed August 2002

The Zingers were extremely popular when released, and this one was the least attractive to me when I saw them in the stores. Of course at the time, I was big into funny car models, so I thought these weren't worthy of my effort. What a mistake that was.... this thing rocks! 

Like the Bug, this one, was a sad ebay reject when I got it. I ended up buying 3 different built ups to get all the parts for this one. 

The more I took the built ups apart, the more the brittle plastic crumbled in my hands.

 All the chrome is Alclad II lacquer paint. Time had taken it's toll on the chrome, and red or blue plastic was showing through on all the chrome. (depending on which kit the piece came from)

Head lights? We don't need no stinking headlights!

The paint is Cobra Colors Candy Pagan Gold with gold metalflakes mixed in, over gold pearl. Not surprisingly, the majority of work on this is in the engine. The 70's weren't especially noted for quality in the model world, and this one is no different. The engine(s) I had for this have massive sink holes, and the fit wasn't too good.

The distributor cap is an R&M Larry Boothe designed piece. Very nice and easy to work with. It sits on top of a shank of aluminum tubing, as the kits distributor is nothing more that a round chunk of sink hole laden plastic.

It's bite sized!

I didn't get a  bottom pulley on all 3 of mine, so more aluminum tubing to the rescue. The decals were a last minute fix to some fool (me) clear coating the right hand valve cover. The rumors and myths about Alclad not liking lacquer on top of it is true. The fuel lines are left over from a Revell 1/16th funny car with wire inside to hold it's shape.

like... Peace baby!

Here's the box lid. click the little picture to see a full sized retouched picture of it. Nice box art.

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