" T'Rantula " - completed September 13 2002
This is my 2nd favorite Tom Daniel designed model. 

Originally released in 1968, this kit screams style.

Mr. Daniel is a commercial artist who had created many styling idea pages for the likes of Rod and Custom and Hot Rod magazine in the early 60's.

 This is built almost kit stock, with only a few augments. The kit's molded in a nasty green. (Meano Greeno Deano Peanto Streeto Machino green). One old trick I did do was highlight the rims of the wheels by sanding the chrome off to reveal the colored plastic.

The 'spider' theme is carried over to the headers, The detail in the original Monogram kits always seemed to eliminate the hollow tips of the exhaust. I replaced the original molded in bell tips with simple brass rod, cut down and polished.

The color is actually gold on the top of the body (from the engine forward), with Candy Apple Green running along the bottom edge. HOK Black Gold highlights progressively starts to dominate towards the rear, covered with Candy Apple Green again. The plastic push bar snapped on me, so I quickied up a piece of aluminum rod to replace it.

A simple engine wiring job with white wire wrap wire. I really hate green cars......

The roll and tuck is Candy Wineberry over Cobra Colors Cosmic Gold Pearl. 

A couple of problems with this kit: The rear seam left when one attaches the roof. (see my fix for that by clicking here). Also there is little room for error on the windshield, so I fogged the upper edge and masked an painted a lower edge. (both inside) 

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