Retro Trick 'T'  built 12/2002
Another home run for Tom Daniel! This looks like a direct competitor for the T'Rantula.. 

Built from the recent "Stinger" re~release, which was actually created from the original 1970 Trick T model. Luckily, Revell/Monogram added on pieces to create the Stinger, rather than changing the original ultra cool turtle deck body. (Thank You!)

What they did change, was the original spoke front rims. These Cragar~ish wheels are totally acceptable to me though.

The Stinger kit eliminated the twin open drag chutes and replaced the red windscreen with a full clear canopy.

The color is Cobra Colors Quicksilver lacquer, covered in Kucaba's Kustom Klear lacquer. The tuck and roll is Candy Grape over Candy Wild Berry over gold pearl lacquer. 

The decals are available online at (click on the "Decal Digs" link)

I cut down the clear canopy and shot candy wild berry on the underside to tint it red. 

There really isn't too much in the way of detail inside. (how do you shift this thing?) But who cares.. it's like a big Hot Wheels car.

Kit impressions: I loved this kit when I first built the original back in 1970. It just clicks! It goes together really well. It wasn't my intention to build a replica of the of the original when I bought the Stinger kit. However, when I found I could get a hold of replacement decals.. well.. 

The decals are very good and worth every penny. They look better buried under the 3 coats of clear they are here, rather than uncoated. 



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