ZZZZZZZZ-28 In Memory of "Buddy"
Another from the mind of Dave Deal, and the extruders of Revell. This is the politically corrected 1995 reissue. (revealed below)

This one's painted like so: 3 coats of Cobra Color's Hugger Orange lacquer, 2 coats Cobra Color's Candy Tangerine lacquer, 3 coats Kucaba's Kustom Klear lacquer.

I added a few personalized touches to this one. The tail lights are 2 part epoxy tinted with paint.

ditto for the front running / turn lights

Originally issued in the 60's series 70's tire frenzy, it still holds it own. I always wondered where Mr. Deal came up with the caricature's that are "driving". Old friend, high school teacher, the cop that pulled him over on the way to work.........

This rear shot kinda reminds me of a girl I knew once......

So, how has this kit been corrected to today's morality standards? answer at the bottom

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The Playboy-like "rabbit head" between GOOD and BOOT on the tires has been removed. (and you thought it was his hand, didn't you......)